United Versus Salt Water Disposal

United’s Reclamation Benefits:
  • Provides Producer pathways to tap into value n product that is recovered and sold.
  • All material bought and shipped as an off-spec product on a BOL.
  • Asset downtimes are greatly reduced – all material is shipped offsite for processing/separation.
  • Low Safety Risk – all processing is done offsite.
  • Solids and liquid residuals disposed of at E&P disposal facility.
  • Much lower equipment rental costs.

Reclamation benefits

The current solution for handling higher solid/water crude oil is less than ideal.
Valuable Crude Is Sent With The Entrained Water / Solids To The SWD For Disposal.
The Producer:
  • PAYS for transportation of material from drilling site to disposal site.
  • PAYS for disposal of liquids at the salt water disposal well.
  • PAYS for disposal of solids at the disposal site.
The SWD:
  • Recovers the valuable crude before disposing of the water.
  • Simple gravity separation is commonly used. Much of the oil is still sent downhole.
United Versus Salt Water Disposal