Oil Recovery

United operates two oil recovery facilities on the Gulf Coast. We receive product by barge and truck in Texas.

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Crude Tanks

United receives crude material from the largest storage tanks to the smallest of production tanks, ranging from midstream to oilfield production projects.

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Crude Oil

United processes crude oil at its facilities in Texas and Louisiana. The crude oil division is focused on sourcing crude bbls from large crude storage tanks, crude ship slops, crude barge bottoms, oilfield drilling and completion projects and midstream pipeline projects.

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Tank Terminals

United specializes in the recovery of crude oil tank bottoms. Our processing assets in Texas and Louisiana facilitate the recycling and recovery of hydrocarbons from storage tanks. United’s transportation fleet moves the tank bottom from your terminal to ours.

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United’s Oilfield division specializes in crude oil reclamation from frac flowbacks, completion jobs, production tanks, reserve pits, gathering tanks, pipeline projects and salt water disposal wells. United also offers the gas processer an option of drip condensate recovery. Our facilities operate under Texas Railroad Commission Permits R-9 Oilfield Reclamation.

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United pioneered the concept of recovering refinery crude oil tank bottoms and secondary oil bearing materials in 2003 by petitioning TCEQ, LDEQ and the EPA to approve it to recycle tank bottoms. United provides a fully integrated service for handling tank bottoms and secondary oil bearing materials.

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United can assist with any pipeline project from Brownsville to New Orleans. Our Texas Railroad Commission permitted facilities in South Texas and East Texas provide oil recovery and disposal options for the midstream pipeline company.

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As a qualified DOT transporter, United maintains and operates its own fleet of transportation assets. We are licensed with marine over the water transfer permits, and all drivers are HAZWOPER-certified. All drivers also carry a TWIC card.

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