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Facilitators went above and beyond to make our stay unforgettable. Yopo The Abuelo Jose Antonio Bolivar, elder shaman of the Piaroa people of Venezuela initiated Octavio in 2016. I am so blessed to have had them both together with the amazing people who were at this retreat with me for a first encounter with Ayahuasca. The accommodations, the food, the ceremonies and the integration sessions set the right container for deep healing. I will definitely see Jim again, and I cant wait. IBOGAINE is a naturally occurring psychoactive alkaloid derived from the roots of the African rainforest shrub Tabernathe Iboga. I have no doubt there will be a wait list for Reunion very soon. After the ceremony climax Octavio will often times blow rap up your nose to bring you back to your bodily senses. They are all deeply compassionate, kind, humorous and offer so much wisdom. An astonishing mental and emotional availability, that in and of itself creates this beautiful space of unraveling. For me it is hard to put in words what exactly she does in her work where she combines all her knowledge and wisdom. Plant medicine is healing for self love, creating more intimate relationships, and bringing clarity around our lifestyle and careers. 5-MeO-DMT has been shown to have psychotherapeutic effects that alleviate anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, addiction, and other mental health and psychiatric disorders. 5-MeO-DMT is a powerful psychoactive substance of the psychedelic tryptamine class, and derived from the Bufo Alvarius Toad venom. For more background info on this retreat see recent blog post At Behold Retreats we do private 5 MeO DMT retreats as well as some group retreats in idyllic locations like Portugal and Mexico. HUNTER BIDEN SAYS PSYCHEDELIC TOAD VENOM KEPT HIM SOBER FOR A YEAR Biden, whose book describes his battles with an alcohol and drug addiction, said: "Yeah, I made it today. Many people know what ayahuasca retreats are like, but because 5 Meo DMT is so new and not common, there is not a public clarity around what it entails. In addition, in controlled clinical trials 5-MeO-DMT stimulates neurogenesis and profound neurological healing effects, for example healing compartmentalization in the brain. Keep up to date with the latest research and transformational experiences available through Behold. To say this experience is of spiritual significance is quite an understatement. I do not know what is coming next. This retreat will be run by the principles expressed in theBest Practice and Integration-Guidelinesdocuments written by the Conclave It is recommended to read this document which I have posted in the blog section. This 7 days/7 nights retreat will include 2 or 3 or 4 Bufo Alvarius sessions which will include group sessions. Private retreats are tailor fit to your needs and you have the ability to have the most quality time with your facilitator. All participants should be aware of and agree with the following conditions. Also Facebook groups are available on the internet for this purpose. If you are interested in a 5-MeO-DMT experience, please get in contact with us and we can get to know each other a little better. Attending Reunion is the best thing Ive ever done for myself. 5-MeO-DMT is a research chemical psychedelic of the tryptamine class, four to six times more powerful than its better-known cousin, DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine). 5th Morning, relax, sleep, swim, walk. A Threatened Toad's Hallucinogenic Secretions Are in High Demand The latest trendy shortcut to spiritual awakening is fueled by one creature's psychedelic stress sweats. Find detailed information on Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing companies in Tuusula, Uusimaa, Finland, including financial statements, sales and marketing contacts, top competitors, and firmographic insights. Also its important to know that by doing this coarse does not guarantee that you will then be ready to serve or be recommended as a Facilitator as I believe that would take a Peer review assessment process which is developing globally atm. This void happens with larger doses, with small doses there is visual sacred geometry and feelings of waves of ecstasy. The accommodations were comfortable and beautiful, the food was lovingly made, and Arturo and his team were brilliant facilitators. Psychedelic retreat goers want an opportunity to clear out the mental clutter from daily existence. Who should not do this? Currently, her mission is to educate the public on plant medicine so they can make safe and informed decisions on their healing journeys. Researchers report that five to seven milligrams are enough to occasion a moderate to strong experience. Jim does so much work to help his community, the plant medicine community, and those who are involved with the vision. Jonathan particularly helped me make sense and integrate a very difficult experience. Female Andean Archetypes - Caring for the Seed of Life The toad's poisonous secretions hold Bufotenin, a tryptamine that is similar to the neurotransmitter serotonin and has similar compounds to psilocybin, a psychedelic mushroom. What do we all want out of life? Intense release of emotions, either positive (happiness, joy) or negative (depressions, anxieties). I surrendered so here I am, doing exactly that. "The toad medicine, every single time, brought me back to the same placeinner peace, calmness, love." . There are a number of retreat centers that combine 5-MeO-DMT with high dose psilocybin truffles / magic mushroom, or ibogaine. Copyright 2020 Behold Retreats - All Rights Reserved. The more the medicine is honored and respected, the richer the experience., {{CTA-Upcoming-Retreats="/utility/components"}}. Arrive around 3pm. I also thought it would be a good opportunity for people who already have experience with this medicine to experience this ceremony in a safe and supportive environment with plenty of time to relax and integrate these powerful experiences in a renewing and peaceful place with good healthy food and surrounded by nature. Wake up from the conditioning and programming of the past. Cultivating Joy: a Ketamine-assisted Therapy Retreat for Individuals, 1 Day Psilocybin Therapy Session in Amsterdam, 1 Day Psilocybin Therapy Session in the Netherlands, 2 Day Psilocybin Therapy Session in Amsterdam, Worlds largest collection of transformative experiences, Conscious community of 500K+ retreat goers, Trusted by 4,000+ centers & 10,000 teachers. With plant medicine like ayahuasca or psilocybin, you can ease into the experience, and you have more time to work with the psychedelic medicine. Today in this moment I can say I feel safe in the not knowing. Everything that unfolded was perfect in that Life gifted me with a mirror to reflect what I needed to see, feel and hear. We also advice you not to drink coffee in the days before and after the ceremony. Most prefer not to harm the toad. She is often invited to run retreats and ceremonies around the world. 5-MeO-DMT Average Dosage. It is an energy, which is the foundation of what we are. Love, connection, success, and to reach our highest potential. I had to learn and will always learn how to let go. Julians zest for life, his deep care and his jokes were a fabulous balance to Karinas powerful presence and knowledge. We take both scientific and spiritual insights into account. This wisdom that comes through me, is for all of us). tulum, mexico | toad medicine retreat january 17-22nd 2023. View our privacy policy here. During this time Octavio will be present with you. Many issues will be covered including Best Practice principles with a focus on the initiates safety and assisting integrating the experience. Here are a few questions you should ask. Our entire program is structured around our sacred plant medicine ceremonies. 5-MeO-DMT toad medicine is a magnificent teacher, and when treated with the necessary respect, is known to facilitate profound transformation. ", "Karina, Julian, Dylan, Mariana, Luke and Tim held the ceremonial space with grace, care and lightness throughout the Inner Alchemy Retreat. Sunset Sun Gazingon the beach, sharing circle after dinner. And yet, relentlessly powerful and healing. Please be informed that during the Toad Medicine ceremony, Dr Octavio Rettig: Might pour water on a participants face or in a participants mouth to stimulate a breathing or swallowing response. Bringing me home to myself. Sign up for retreats at Willka Runa or email with your questions! Yourself. Activating the flame within. The more understanding we can shed on this medicine, the more people can feel empowered in the decisions they make when taking such an intense medicine. ", "I visited Soltara Peru, I highly recommend attending this retreat. Contact: Kate McCabe . ", "I had the time of my life at Soltara in Tarapoto! Amina is incredibly gifted, born to do this, and a wonder to behold . Dr Rettig is therefore not responsible for possible mistakes or wrong claims on this website. Maddening painful, sometimes. After lunch Council of All Beings gathering, 7th Group sessions, Walk swim relax integrate. It was so good how you guided me, with the beautiful music, and always connected to me, in a good rhythm. Inhale slowly, long and deep, Octavio will tell you when to stop. I felt safe, protected, and cared for from the time of arrival and even after my departure. We will start with a night of cleansing and intentions (rap and tobacco juice), then we will do two days of deep work with the powerful heart medicine of the sacred toad and medicinal cacao; both heart opening medicines, that work perfectly together. The facilities are beautiful and the setting is incredible. Trendy New Psychedelic Toad Venom Takes The US By Storm. We will do it again. The toad medicine is really, really not an experience you want with any-old-shaman or self-proclaimed healing practitioner. Later my aunt sat in the room with her dogs and smoked and drank schnapps. And finally, during my initiation process with the Sacred Toad in Mexico, I was clearly told that I have to be available to work under Divine Guidance to be able to catalyze the needed processes. We work with 4 different medicines for this retreat: Ayahuasca San Pedro Rap Sapo, the medicine of the Sonoran Desert Toad This powerful and potent medicine has been a vital part of many shamanic ceremonies, its active ingredient (5-MeO-DMT) is also known as the God or Spirit molecule. This ceremony will be conducted in a traditional manner, in a beautiful ceremonial lodge that is up on the hill behind the retreat centre. Well, if you're not already a believer in transpersonal psychology, 5-MeO-DMT will switch that up for you pretty quickly. The property is absolutely beautiful. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. ", "Lino's facilitating skills gave me space and permission to feel totally safe, to release and express everything that was moving through me. Welcoming, settle in to your rooms, beach, swim,and orientation,Sunset Sun Gazing on the beach, sharing circle. This medicine is also not a panacea and the hard work starts after the ceremony. Hostel, van and boat will be organised and booked and I will be traveling with you. Thank you, Reunion tribe. Every ceremony is different. A substance found in these toxins, 5-MeO-DMT, can be dried into crystals and smoked in a pipe, producing an. Jeanne managed to help me through my deepest abysses and worst feelings, and I always felt safe and held. Ayahuasca and plant medicine retreat with Shipibo family of healers (8 days). Smoking the toad venom, you are likely to have ego-dissolving complete mystical experiences. During an ayahuasca retreat or a psilocybin experience, a ceremony typically lasts around 4-6 hours. I will be forever greatful for having that courage. People can also experience one Healing Ceremony with ancestral rainforest medicine Yage. It was so special and unforgettable. Change for the better is inevitable. You will be travelling far, and you will be travelling fast. What would you need to know about me to gauge whether I am ready for this experience? If you find any information here that you consider to be wrong, please inform us through the contact form. 5-MeO-DMT is on an entirely different level, recognized to be orders of magnitude more powerful. You want to do this with an expert retreat facilitator that has guided a considerable number of rituals or ceremonies, and in whom you have 100% confidence. ", "Amina and Tony are true spiritual guides, who are following their calling, they are responsible, ethical, kind and loving. 5 MeO DMT is called the God Molecule for a reason, there is a higher form of consciousness and intelligence that reclaims the body. We maybe doing 2 Facilitators Sharing retreats with Hari. Sleep. This retreat includes guided psychedelic sessions of Bufo Alvarius (5-MeO-DMT), also known as toad medicine, accompanied with daily yoga classes, massage therapy, energy . It is a bit more relaxed in preparation than other retreats that affect the physical body more heavily., At a good retreat center, one of the best in the world being Behold Retreats, there will be a team of expert facilitators, doctors, life coaches, and healers to work with you so you feel safe and secure. Dr Octavio Rettig Dr. Octavio Rettig Hinojosa is a pioneer in the treatment with toad medicine, also known as Otac, Sapo or Bufo Alvarius. 22nd of October 2022. So much important information was shared. The facilitators were consistently present as loving space-holders. Ask about contraindications if not specifically provided. Remembering. If you are beginning your soul quest with a 5-MeO-DMT retreat, make sure you put in the necessary preparation work. If you decide to meet the medicine and follow this journey, I highly recommend Aya de la Vida. What previous challenges have you encountered, and how did you manage it? ", "We booked our trip to Xochipilli in Cancun about 3 weeks before the retreat began, and I was instantly impressed by Tony's responsiveness and up-front communication. The reunion resort is beautiful and serves as a safe space that is exclusive to those on the journey. Do research on available integration circles in your country. We will enjoy guided informative ethnobotanical immersion walks, through an amazing 20-year old medicinal plant and Permaculture gardens. Sailing and Integrating in the Great Barrier Reef. from german border, 'Hawaiaka' Sacred Plant Ceremonies, Every Sun Evening, Kona, Hawaii, Awaken your Divine Blueprint : Healing Trauma, Somatic Training & Plant Medicine Retreat, Pachamama Plant Medicine Ayahuasca Yoga Retreat, The Reunion Experience | An Ayahuasca Journey. And then I know there will be moments where I will be scared, scared of all this new, even tho it is amazing. Then by hearing, healing and guiding other women in several ways slowly by slowly opening up and sharing little by little the Wisdom that I receive (a wisdom that is not mine personally. During your ceremony, Octavio will watch over you and chant the sacred traditional chants of the Seri people to help you in your process. Bufo Retreat The glands of the toad are extracted (without causing any harm) and then dried, Unlike a single . Cost ATM is $2200 $2500 depending on accommodation. When preyed upon, the toad secretes a. At the same time, it was such an incredible parallel! And that's what it felt like. Interested people will need to apply as space is limited to 12 and fill out this application form and questionnaire Towards the end of the experience, she waited until I was totally back with full awareness and presence. Truly amazing, cant find anything negative to say. Feeling absolutely free and safe in being free. Please be informed that during the Toad Medicine ceremony, Dr Octavio Rettig: All these actions have been carefully tested and have proven their unique value as a part of the neo shamanistic rituals that Dr Rettig developed while working with the toad medicine. Though retreats are still quite rare and difficult to find, they do exist. It ended up being a profound and powerful week of healing. First of all, by doing my own work, transforming my Divine Madness into Wisdom that could be understood; transmuting my severe disorder into a gift, by burning my poison into pure Medicine. Comparable to the likes of ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, and mescaline, a new mind-altering drug is hitting the US psychedelic scene - toad venom.The drug comes from a rare species of toad native to the Sonoran Desert, Bufo Alvarius, which produces a venom known as 5-MeO-DMT: an extremely potent natural psychedelic. The balance and harmony of feminine and masculine energy was particularly supportive in my experience Reunion was a nurturing location that felt safe and contained as the intensity of the work unfolded over the week. One afternoon we will participate in a Council of all Beings ceremony were we spent time in nature then allow aspects of nature to talk through us. Experience the enchanting mystique of the Himalayas for 8 days on this waterfall, hiking and yoga retreat in Rishikesh, India. I am forever grateful! From the moment we drove through the gate, my mind was a puddle on the floor. Costs have been kept down as low as possible while still being comfortable, well fed and looked after at the retreat and having 2 other experienced people coming and supporting Hari and the people attending. This is to ground the participant and it can also help the body to purge low energies that came loose during the ceremony. It is situated in the Yucatan peninsular surrounded by rainforest and close to Mayan ruins. The mystical effects of all psychedelic medicine escapes natural language. Set on a beautiful beach with incredible sunsets and ocean views surrounding the property, this enhances the entire experience. Thank you! Unhealthy. 5% of profits from both retreats will go towards Toad conservation issues. More and more, people are choosing to attend psychedelic therapy retreats to gain a better understanding of themselves, resolve past issues, handle mood problems, and/or address a lack of direction in life. Everything about my time was perfect, the accommodation, food, facilitators, and ceremonies were epic. Keep up to date with the latest research and transformational experiences available through Behold. His input regarding nutrition and movement also helped tremendously. Participation is by application, so if you are interested please fill out the application form on this link and I will inform you shortly afterwards if you are eligible and how to pay. And this experience changed everything. We will begin the ceremony by smudging and give instructions on the inhalation process of the medicine. The last day is for integration. I will be forever grateful for this experience. Well I never did know, but I had this belief in my head that if I plan everything I am safe. List Price: $349. When the toad gets intimidated by a predator, it expels toxins strong enough to kill an adult dog. The retreat is in the rainforest one hour from Cancun. With vaporized 5 MeO DMT, the peak effects of an experience typically lasts just 10-15 minutes. I will take people through sensitising processes to open to communicating telepathically with nature. ", "To me Lino is an authentic, mindful, experienced & sensitive facilitator & I am grateful for the deeply connecting experiences I made through & with him. Make sure you are well rested and fit on ceremony day. 8 am Boat trip to Cano Island, snorkeling and Whale watching. I can best describe it with the words above, describing my state of being today. Bufo alvarius, also known as the Sonoran Desert Toad, has a very special secret: the venom from its glands can be dried and smoked to induce some of the most intense psychedelic experiences known to us. They have never appeared to me in this composition! It was clear from the first phone call we had with him that Tony is incredibly passionate about helping others connect with plant medicine. Each of them has such unique strengths and together they are a perfectly balanced team. Although illegal in the US, it's been used to heal for centuries. Level One and Two. Dun & Bradstreet gathers Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing business information from trusted sources to help you . I have spent the last 13 years sailing and playing with the migrating Humpback Whales in Australia and look forward to sharing the bliss with others and inviting people into the heart of the Whales. Octavio will hold the pipe with the medicine in front of your mouth so you only have to inhale the vapor. 5-MeO-DMT. Hari is one of the rare practitioners who goes into Toad space with you and works with energy in that dimension to assist you to move and clear blockages, stories and past karma. I could not have dreamed of a better place to heal. Secondly, it is difficult to create accurate dosages of the venom given that each toad is unique. Throughout the retreat initiates will learntools of protection & ofrendas as well aslearn about cacao, breath, raph, preparation, setting intention, working with sound, set and setting, working in transitional states, meditation, integration, kundalini yoga, grounding exercises, Trauma, contra indicated substances, dealing with an emergency, initiate and facilitator relationship, word circle and more. Copyright 2022 Behold Retreats - All Rights Reserved. ", "I would highly recommend this retreat to those ready for a journey that can not be explained, but must be experienced. There are poetic trippy visuals and epiphanies but it is more of a visceral sensation until everything disappears and you enter the emptiness of life, the space in between. Keeping ethics in mind, knowing where the Bufo comes from and that it was ethically sourced is important. And Im looking forward to my Ayahuasca retreat very soon. When we build the filter or "container" for your 5-MeO-DMT experience, we will work together to determine the right approach for you. Try to keep the smoke inside your lungs for as long as possible. ", "I had the most incredible week at a psilocybin retreat at Reunion Experience in December. Something went wrong while submitting the form. ", "One week, 5 facilitators beautiful surroundings and a life changing program created by the fabulous human that is Karina. I have been working with this medicine extensively for 4 years both traveling to Mexico and studying with renown Mexican Practitioner HariHar and many other experienced practitioners. Its like pieces of the Universal Puzzle are falling and clicking into place connecting restoring. According to the ad, "5-MeO-DMT, also known as the sacred toad medicine, is a beautiful teacher that can lead to profound transformation when facilitated by experienced guides," and they would be offering dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in its 5-MeO-DMT - toad form - as the chemically mediated gateway to this process. Our personal inner poison and collective poison. Also here, we will work under Divine Guidance, making itself known through me. Burning all the venom into pure Medicine. A good intuitive feeling before the experience, calm mind, open mind and a good friend, and you're set to go. Bringing it all into the fire of the Heart. Level Two is available to people would have already done the Level One Training with Hari. Sublimating, transmuting Healing. And the staff - I cant say enough about how incredibly wonderful these people are. We are more than our gender, our job, our familial role, our placement in society. ", "It was a life-changing experience. Ready to heal, find peace, and live your purpose? In this retreat, Ive seen them respect and honor the medicine, the participants, their individual and collective journey, and facilitate a retreat worthy of a meaningful transcendent retreat. Thank you for healing a broken heart and soul! Eat a light breakfast on ceremony day, keep in mind that you might purge during ceremony. more info see With the Sonoran Desert Toad, you will have a strong mystical experience and life lessons, but it is not so much "attached to your story", and it's important to be well-prepared mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. IBOGAINE RETREATS & DETOXES. Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico Your guides Fernando Priyananda +1 Kayla, Vale. It was life changing and I highly recommend! Intro to Kundalini yoga. {{CTA-Upcoming-Retreats="/utility/components"}}, Learn more about consciousness, plant medicine, and spiritual transformation . ", "I remember how analytical and logical my mind was while reading these reviews. She sings, she dances, she loves. Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico . Sacred Medicine and the Psyche: An Introduction to Psychedelic Exploration. Experience of non-duality, sensation of Oneness with all that is, Dissolution of unconscious or repressed cellular memories which may create addictions, compulsions, psychosomatic illnesses , manias and suffering, Sensation of the body exploding in millions of particles, Partial or total disconnection of physical or visual reality, Fusion with Presence, to be completely in the Now, Sensation of being launched into the void at high velocity, The reconstruction of synaptic networks in your brain, Disconnection of the ego as principle player and lack of egoic control. Can administer very small electrical shocks with a toy to keep a participant from lying down during the peak of the ceremony. Dylans protective presence and kindness was a guiding light while I was at reunion and his life experience as a professional athlete helped connect and heal my inner overachiever. This is why it is so critical to be expertly facilitated by someone who can ensure your rocket ship is pointed skyward. They are there for you every step of the way. We were housed right on the ocean, were we enjoyed the sunrise every morning. I will be forever grateful for the incredible present those 5 individuals bestowed upon me. Toad medicine ceremony with Dr Octavio Rettig How I would have liked to sit down with her! convulsions. October 3, 2022 - December 2, 2022 . We always felt safe as we sat in ceremony. Since it comes from a living being, the toad medicine poses several challenges. There was a very warm welcome and a beautiful temple. Always here to support and guide me. Clean up old emotional wounds and harmful patterns. Take this short quiz to assess your mental and spiritual readiness for a psychedelic retreat. Or bring people you know, so you can talk and process the experience afterwards together, by sharing what you have experienced. The plant medicine offered a portal to heal on a deep embodied level. The facilities (and the food!) TheTaxi from San Jose airport to hostel, approx $20,accomodation in San Jose, approx $50 and transport to and from the retreat, in a van and boat, approx $150. This was an incredibly helpful tool to have for the journey and allowed me to truly trust them and the process they were guiding us along. This bufo venom containing 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-dimethyltrypta mine) is a highly intense psychedelic tryptamine. Life is busy, work is exhausting, and . ", "I went into the week with a lot of resistance and little expectation. *) poisons are all parts in ourselves or in or life that we cannot accept. See the talk I gave at last years WBAC on the home page of this website and Testimonials on the Testimonials page. which he is developing into a retreat center. ", "It is difficult to put such a transformative experience into words, but my time at reunion was life-changing. I know there are some people who have had this medicine who want to become evangelist, get some toad and blow out the world. There is also a lot more work and study outside of this week that is necessary, including trauma counselling, integration, fist aid, experiences with this and other sacraments, working with a mentor, etc. I felt the magic of the world. 5-MeO-DMT is . The temple, alter and attention to detail was outstanding.

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