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300 percent for furniture. Which Country is Easiest to Get Scholarship. Home Government Salary Of Local Government Chairman In Nigeria Government Society & People Salary Of Local Government Chairman In Nigeria March 19, 2018 5 See Salary Of Local Government Chairman In Nigeria Below The monthly salary of Chairman is about N255,200,000 Previous article The deputy receives N10,772,296 per annum. The following are some of the constitutional requirements: Here is the salary of Nigerian public officials, such as deputy governors, state secretaries, and local government chairmen, to name a few. There has been an uproar that the wages and allowances of governors and their deputies should be lowered owing to the countrys bad economic position in order to elevate greater development, but we havent seen any progress, as corruption persists. There's also a N1.362.468 furniture allowance that comes once every four years. The annual emolument package of a Local Government Chairman include a basic salary of N1,026,327, personal assistant allowance N256,581, domestic allowance N769,745, entertainment allowance N461,847, utility allowance N307,898, security allowance (supplement of N20,000), leave allowance N102,632 and wardrobe allowance N256,581. An annual base salary of N853,056 is also included, as is a furniture allowance of N1,279,584, as well as a car loan of N3,412,224 and a separate severance gratuity of N2,559,168.00. To keep reading for free, please enter your email! Salary Of Local Government Chairman In Nigeria, List Of Insurance Companies In Nigeria And Their Contacts. Picture: ppsscanambra.net. Once every four years, you will be given a furniture allowance. !, what do i need to do? The gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Plateau State, Caleb Mutfwang has rebutted Governor Simon Lalong's allegations of unpaid salaries levelled against him during. Samed Olukoya. is frequently a source of debate, with some claiming that one of the reasons for the countrys rising government costs is the money set aside to pay the salaries of these officials. The Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Package (RMAFP) offers additional insight into governors expenditures throughout the country. Nigerian Governors Salary. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Abass is a seasoned freelance writer and internet marketer. He is seen as the second citizen within the state, and he/she earns a touch bit less than the annual salary of the state governor. Further analysis by Economic Confidential reveals that an average Nigerian worker with a minimum wage of N18,000 a month will have to work for four years before earning the utility allowance for one legislator. The following is a complete breakdown of the state governors allowance and pay in Nigeria. Are you in favor of further reducing Nigerian governors salaries owing to the countrys economic situation? 30 percent for utility. RECOMMENDED: Importance of local government in Nigeria Functions of the Local government. Other allowances include leave allowance (N90,831.20) and vehicle loan (N3,633,248). The debate on whether the salary is too much or low will continue for many years to come. This means that any elected individual after being emerged victorious willbe desperateto accumulateenough wealth through legal and illegal means. The position of a public officer should not be done for the rewards, but for the service to mankind and the people who elected you. . His monthly salary is about N724,570. SERAP, in a suit number FHC/ABJ/CS/658/2021, had sought an order of mandamus to direct and compel the RMAFC to send its downward review of the remuneration and allowances of these high-ranking public office holders and recommendations to the National Assembly for appropriate remedial and legislative action, as provided for by the Nigerian Constitution 1999 (as amended).. The state governor annual salary is N11,540,896, with the monthly basic salary being 2,223,705, while the annual leave allowance is 222,370.50. Both are paid N10,831,522, which includes a yearly base salary of N1,337,225. Right below is the completebreakdown of the allowance and salary of the state governors in Nigeria: Total Annual Salary of a governor in Nigeria is capped at 11,540,896 Naira. The Senate Majority Leader receives a salary of N12,968,960. The Salary of Nigerian Governors is frequently a source of debate, with some claiming that one of the reasons for the countrys rising government costs is the money set aside to pay the salaries of these officials. Unfortunately, the RMAFP did not impose any limits on the governors stipend for overseas travels paid for using public funds. The Vice President is to receive an annual Basic Salary of N2,064,400; Hardship allowance of N1,515,786.25 and a Constituency Allowance of N7,578,931.25, bringing his total annual earning to N12.1million. Other allowances include leave allowance (N90,831.20) and vehicle loan (N3,633,248). The PDP presidential hopeful trashes the All Progressives . He is the founder and CEO of Nigerian Finder.com. Ordinary Senators receive a basic salary of N2,026,400.00; annual allowance of N10,739,920.00, bring it to a total of N12,766,320.00. They collect another 75 percent of their salaries for domestic staff; 30 percent for entertainment; 30 percent for utilities; 25 percent for clothing; and 250 percent as constituency allowance. Below is a breakdown of the LGA councilors and LGA secretaries. The following is a breakdown of what they earn: The sole difference between commissioners and state secretaries allowances is that overseas travel is restricted to $600, whilst local visits are capped at N25,000. This package doesnt set a limit to the allowance in foreign currency for foreign trips from the state account. Medview Airline to buy two CRJ-900 Bombardier aircrafts on lease, Expert Discusses Biggest Challenges Facing HMOs in Nigeria and possible Solutions, Buhari to Get Copy of 2018 Budget this Week House of Reps, USAID COMMITS ADDITIONAL $7 MILLION TO COMBAT EBOLA, AfDB, others Commit to Joint Action to Speed up Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones in Africa. ministerial department. Filed in Job, Salary Structure by Editorial Staff on April 19, 2022. . (ALGON) National Vice-Chairman, Adebayo Adedotun, is because the Deputy Speakers receive N1,807,478.13 and 25 percent of same as constituency allowance. Also Read: Updated list of 20 local governments in Lagos state and their wards In a sad turn of events, residents of Rumuekpe community in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State, South-south Nigeria, woke up to a devastating explosion from a crude oil tapping point on Friday morning. Members receive $550 and N21,000 for estacode and domestic trips, respectively. Annual basic salary of 853,056 and furniture allowance of 1,279,584is additionallyincluded plus a vehicle loan of 3,412,224 and a separate severance gratuity of N2,559,168.00. Thank you for reading this article, we hope you have found it useful. There have been calls by several civil society organisations to review downwards the pay of political office holders in the country, so as to save the highly expensive cost of governance in the country. Furthermore, emergency planning and response will almost certainly include the participation of one or more executive branch departments or agencies. You can subscribe by visiting our subscription page. Required fields are marked *, Salaries of Political Officials and the Way Forward for Nigerians, Realities of Minimum Wage for the Nigerian Common Man, Salaries of States Governors and Other States Political Officers, Salaries of Local Government Political Officers, Compare these Salaries of Nigerian Politicians to that of Nigerian Teachers. The work of a public officer also shouldnt be done due to the advantages or gains but as a service to humanity and therefore the folks that elected you. He or she is also entitled to travel on foreign trips, and theres also no set limit to how much they can spend. The secretary and the commissioner are also provided with a vehicle loan of N5,348,900 and a severance gratuity of N4,011,675. Conceptually, LGAs are supposed. Your email address will not be published. A vehicle loan of N5.348.900 and a severance gratuity of N4,011,675 are also paid to the secretary and commissioner. This means that half of the Nigerian population earns less than 339,000 NGN, while the other half earns more than 339,000 NGN on a monthly basis. / 6.68472N 3.28889E / 6.68472; 3.28889. Furniture allowance is N4.011.675, whereas N133.722.50 is the leave allowance. It is not intended to substitute for the advice of a qualified lawyer. The State Commissioners in Nigeria earn N1.33 million monthly as basic salary. After completing his tenure, the governor is expected to receive a N6,671,115 severance gratuity. There is no defined limit on how much he or she can spend if he or she has to travel internationally. Many Nigerians in time past have called for the reduction in the basic salary and entitlements of public officials, as it is believed that they are earning too much. The incident resulted in the loss of many lives, including women, leaving the entire community . On matters that have sparked a lot of attention, the governor may utilize standardized replies in some circumstances. Constituent Service seeking the governors aid in receiving state government benefits or services, or in honoring exceptional accomplishments or milestones such as birthdays. March 1, 2023, at 12:27 a.m. Factbox-Final Results of Nigeria's Presidential Election. Belowmay be abreakdown of what they earn: The only difference between the allowances of commissionersandsecretaries at the state level is on their foreign trips, whichis restrictedto $600 whilean areatripis aboutat N25,000. on. Nigerias political offices are believed to be thefastest means of acquiring wealth. Develop or review g. 28 February. To this effect, some political analysts have stood with the claims that the political system of government in Nigeria is too expensive to operate and there is a need for imminent restructuring. Other methods, like town meetings and Speak with The Governor programs, are used by governors to give time for interaction with residents and interest groups. Other benefits include a leave allowance N9o.831.20 and a vehicle loan N9o.831.20. March 2, 2023. Well, the general administrative and operational setup of LGAs in Nigeria has changed. There was a problem processing your submission. Many states also have offices or other representation in Washington, D.C. Because it is the governors obligation to declare an emergency, disaster management, and homeland security are frequently allocated to the governors office employees. Your term is four years, however, you can run for re-election once your first term is up. We will also look at the salaries of other public office holders in the state like the deputy governors, secretaries to the state government, and local government chairmen amongst others. But one thing is for sure, the performance of any state governor or public office holder is determined by the level of service and development the state experiences during the course of his/her tenure and not the salary earned. The deputy governors yearly income is slightly less than the state governors annual salary. Some governors are so corrupt that they evenattempt toempty the states account, embezzling states funds meant for state projects and also depriving pension earners their rights to monthly pension as a result ofgreed.

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